On being an entrepreneur


running an entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park, since it’s wide usage as a term in the 2000’s entrepreneurships are often affiliated with business running millennials, the idea that might cast frustration and confusion on mind.
one of the currently outstanding entrepreneurships is Rise Up, a business dedicated to help other businesses build their web of connections.
-but who runs such businesses?
the answer is AbdelHamid Sharara, the cairo based entrepreneur. in here we find out more of the concepts that shape a great business.

  • What have been the obstacles that you have faced and what have you learned from them?

I have faced a lot of obstacles; one of the obstacles that I faced was the lack of culture or understanding of entrepreneurship. The political transitions and instability that the country has been experiencing in past couple of years was a major obstacle, there wasn’t too many start-ups at the time.
Last year, our event was held at the same day the Abassya cathedral was attacked. The year before, the year before, one week prior to the event the Sharm el-sheikh flight crashed. By the time thousands of people were sending emails asking whether if it is safe or not to come as all of the tragic events were occurring. Overall, we all go through things that make it really hard to realize our plans but the only way to get out of this is to flush out negativity, and to be determined.

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  • How do you picture Rise UP within upcoming years of business?

I’ll say that I see Rise Up as one of the TOP companies in the globe, that is working really hard to connect start-ups with most relevant resources and that’s what we are trying to achieve in the “Rise Up summit”, to see people enhancing their lives through empowering them.

What was the inspiration or motivation behind the idea of creating an entrepreneurship marathon or “platform”?

The main inspiration was the story of Tala’at Harb and the establishment of Bank Misr. So I asked myself; why wouldn’t I establish my own company that will realize various benefits and a great impact on economy?!
Another huge inspiration was my father; he was a continuous reader, learner, and a hugely positive man. As well as being a fluent thinker.
There are also plenty of people in the industry who constantly inspire me and have been through a lot yet managed to succeed. They’ve been a huge inspiration and I’m happy to have known and been their partner.

  • What would you consider the 3 most demanded skills to be a successful entrepreneur?

I don’t think that there are certain top skills but I can say that purpose is what makes a successful entrepreneur; in law school I learned that there is always a reason behind laws and all other matters.
Leadership and management however are very important, because “companies are people” so you’ve got to be able to lead people which is from my point of view, a key element.

  • what other projects are you engaged in aside being the CEO of Rise Up?

Currently I’m writing a book about Tala’at Harb which will hopefully be published within a year and a half.
Personally, I’m highly engaged in sports, reading, & traveling. Basically these are the things that continuously develop my character, by and having different perspectives rather than being limited in thought. These matters can have impact on your professional life.

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  • Which way allows for achievement on the long term?

I think that people develop their own formula of achievement for a long term success. There is no certain rule but generally I would say that having a core purpose, vision, & values are a great way of achieving long term success. So core purpose is the reason behind achievement.
Core vision is an image of how you want to achieve or to be, and future plans for improvement.
Core values are the milestone or the foundation of every start to achieve long term success.

  • If you had an advice for someone who’s just starting up or a fresh graduate, what would it be?

First of all, for someone who is just getting started with their business, I think they must understand certain levels of development:
1-Understanding that you are a “product creator” and that you are looking for a customer for your product.
2-Creating a team to become a “product manager” with your team then take it to the next level which is creating a company.
3-Being patient because success takes plenty of time.
You can’t skip any of those levels because this combination will eventually will get you to the point of satisfaction.
For fresh graduates, chill a bit! There is no need for pressure as complicated thoughts will just make things harder than they are in fact. Don’t rush while making a decision. Bear in mind the first couple of years after graduation are always trials. For me, I worked as an English teacher, volunteered in nurseries, worked in management consultancy, event management, training, & development.

By: Nouran Abdulbaqi


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