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Throughout the years there have been many series that focuses on law enforcement, crime, detective-based mystery solving, lawyer work, civil litigation, and similar themes. Legal dramas appear in many forms of media, including novels, plays, television shows, and films. In this article I’ll focus on the T.v  shows/series kind of legal drama.
It is widely believed by most practicing lawyers that legal dramas result in the general public having misconceptions about the legal process. As many of the directors just want to create an interesting/catchy story which leads at the end to an inaccuracy of how law-life is. Legal dramas also focus on situations where there is an obvious injustice or ones in which either the plaintiff or defendant is very interesting and unusual.
However, since 2009 there have been many Tv series which some of them where actually as close as it can be to attorneys life and others full of misconceptions.

FIRST, Suits.


When i first heard about this TV series and a lot of my law school colleagues recommended it  i thought why bother its probably stupid! how good could it be? But I ened up enjoying it to the fullest.
Almost the vast majority of the legal field have watched the famous Tv series suits. Suits is an American legal  drama television series created and written by Aaron Korsh. The series released on June 23, 2011 and has been nominated for several awards since 2012.
The dialogue  by Aaron Korsh and Sean Jablonski is clever and really helps define the complexities of the characters which shows a spectrum of the lawyer personality that we haven’t seen on a series before. Suits features a strict boss that will do anything to get the job done, and an employee willing to do anything for his boss.
So, if you’re  into legal shows that include all aspects of human nature and you’re looking to be highly entertained on Thursday night then Suits is definitely for you. Suits is rated 8.9/10 by IMDb.

SECOND, The defenders.


  The Defenders is a 2010 American legal comedy-drama, it involves a pair of defense attorneys who go all out to help their clients while keeping their personal lives in order. The show is loosely based on real-life Vegas lawyers Michael Cristalli and Marc Saggese.
It brings its New York-based main characters into a shared story line via separate subplots that give each hero an investigation or mission to pursue.
The ultimate weakness of The Defenders is found in its plotting, especially the way it indulges in one massive superhero storytelling cliche towards the end. But when the show focuses on character, it’s at its best. everything feels like it’s moving much slower than it needs to in order to stretch out a thin plot to a season length.

   The defenders is not as good as suits but There’s nothing terribly wrong with Marvel’s The Defenders, it’s rated 7.7/10 by IMDb.


THIRD, Outlaw.


  Outlaw is an American legal drama television series that was aired on NBC. The one-hour courtroom drama stars Jimmy Smits as a Supreme Court Justice, Cyrus Garza, who resigns from the bench and returns to private practice in an elite law firm where Claire, love interest to Garza, is a powerful senior partner. As part of the deal, the firm has an ex–Supreme Court Justice on their staff of lawyers and Garza is allowed to pick his team and the cases he works. The series premiered on September 15, 2010.
 While Smits is in fine form as always, his character isn’t entirely compelling and is still the only one worth caring about. In short, there’s awful, and there’s atrociously and then there’s “Outlaw” which is in-between. Outlaw is rated 6.6/10 on IMDb.

FOURTH, The good wife.

the good wife.jpg

  The Good Wife is an American legal and political drama television series that aired on CBS from September 22, 2009 to May 8, 2016.the series focuses on  Alicia who has been a good wife to her husband, a former state’s attorney. After a very humiliating sex and corruption scandal, he is behind bars. She must now provide for her family and returns to work as a litigator in a law firm. The Good Wife won numerous prestigious awards, including five Emmys and the 2014 Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama.
This series actually shows how independent and strong a woman can be as it focuses on, Alicia the mother raising her kids on her own; Alicia the junior lawyer; the sharp legal brain running her own firm; the grieving lover drowning her heartbreak in buckets of white wine.
While many shows offer resolution in their final episodes, The Good Wife emphatically refused to do so. the writers let Alicia grow and, more importantly, contradict herself,  The show made us both love and hate Alicia, while other television writers fretted over their heroines being “likable.” To cut it short The writers undercut everything the audience expected. The good wife is highly recommended and it’s rated 8.3/10 by IMDb.


 FIFTH, Silk.


Silk is a six-part series about life at the Bar, the dilemmas and problems that modern day barristers have to face, and what it means to become a silk it was aired between 22 February 2011 and 31 March 2014.
Silk is a good series and gives us an insight into how law is practiced in the UK. This show doesn’t actually  disappoint, It is so well done that you might forget you’re watching a TV drama not real life events although some of the inaccuracies that other reviewers have mentioned.
Silk is also recommended for all those interested in the legal field, it rated 8/10 by IMDb.


By: Rawan Roushdy


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