Legal Leader Certificate

lady-justice-2388500_1920Course Duration:

39 Hours / 3 Weeks.


Nermeen Tahoun


Tahoun & Associates / Mohamed Mazhar, Abou El Feda, Zamalek, Giza Governate.

Course Content:

  • Project Finance.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Industrial and Developers contracts.
  • Procedures and Incorporation of companies.

Course Objectives:

  • Developing lawyering skills.
  • Cultivating Professional Identity.
  • Fostering Professional Ethics.
  • Developing legal analysis.
  • Learning legal drafting skills of different types of contracts.
  • Understanding the application of Egyptian laws from practical perspective.
  • Opportunity to enter the profession with skills.



Course Syllabus:

Project Finance: (Week 1/ 4 sessions)

Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services. This part of the course will allow the participants to develop skills related to the evaluation of project financing transactions, for example financing agreements, PPP (Public-private partnership), BOT (Build-operate-transfer), and FIDRIC contracts.

Merger and Acquisition: (Week 2/ 4 sessions)

This part of the program will discuss a general introduction of (M&A) and stock swapping (مبادلة الاسهم). Then we will take a detailed look of all of the fundamental elements of acquisition process which will include the following:

  • Corporate strategy.
  • Due diligence.
  • Transaction structures.
  • Successful closure of mergers and acquisitions.

Industrial and Development contract: (Week 3/ 2 sessions)

This course will discuss in details the importance and concepts of development agreement with the government, in addition to investors agreement within the developing zone, the facility management contract between the developer and the investor, role of the government and contract standards models will be given to participants for practical exercise and class participation.


Procedures and Incorporation of companies: (3 Days session from week 3)

This part of the program will focus mainly on distinguishing between companies for example joint stock companies, limited liability companies, industrial companies etc. Furthermore, there will be a depth explanation of the special required procedures for establishing companies and contracts of the general assembly. First session will be instructed by Nermeen Tahoun and the second and third session will be instructed by Ahmed Abdelmenaem.

Course Fees:

  • The entire course syllabus which includes the four previous topics cost 7000 EGP.
  • Individual topic only from the following costs 3000 EGP:
  1. Project finance
  2. Merger and Acquisition.
  3. Industrial and development contracts.
  • Procedures and Incorporation of companies as an individual course costs 2000 EGP.

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