5 Tips to help law students in their career path

You chose your path in the legal field, then you definitely need to read these 5 tips.                                                                        

Article By: Omar Naguib

  1. Understand the Changing Profession…and Adapt.

This profession is not like what it used to be. And the legal field continues to evolve, which is unnerving today’s lawyers. Instead of sticking your head in the sand and pretending that it’s yesteryear, be practical in understanding the direction of this change so you can better prepare yourself to remain relevant, secure and marketable. How this can be done? For example, one can: read the news, analyze the job boards, join local executive/legal groups and join meetings on current events; and stay linked with your network. Always try to encounter the new changes and try to benefit from it as much as possible

  1. Learn How To Communicate Effectively.

This is about the words, tone and messages you use when you are speaking with or writing to another person – at any-time, for any-thing. You should learn how to persuade the person/s you are talking to by your point of views

Words and tone are powerful. And the skill a person possesses when using them can be the difference, receiving a higher offer or getting it pulled, keeping your client or losing it. Effective communication is also about being concise by not to talk in irrelevant issues, always try to consider only relevant issues …and relevant. Also an example is when a lawyer knows all facts about case and knows its solution, although he doesn’t possess the skill of effective communication, he might lose his case. So it is very important to know how to communicate in the most effective way.

  1. Perform Self-Assessment

Before opting of the legal field you would like to engage in, it is critical to put self-assessment for yourself, you should figure out your points of strengths and weaknesses which will aid you to know which legal field is optimum for your knowledge and skills and to know which field will you be able to be productive and efficient in. This self-assessment should be done regularly to ensure that you are on the right track.

During assessment, when considering weaknesses, try immediately to avoid it so for example if you are somehow week in legal research, take legal research courses to have this crucial skill. One thing needs to be taken into consideration is that you will never be 100% perfect, you should always improve yourself and never stop.

  1. Shadow a Legal Professional

Want to overcome practical life challenges? Shadow a legal professional. To clarify, job shadowing is the gate for entering practical life , by shadowing , you can see what tasks you could be assigned to, how could the workplace atmosphere be , what you should avoid in work to succeed and what you should do. Moreover, it’s a great chance to ask the legal professional about the job to know much more details that might change your choice such as amount of work and people you will deal with on daily basis.Furthermore, Shadowing enables you to live a typical work day, and this prepares you when entering practical life, to be professional and able to deal with numerous situations.

  1. Become tech-savvy

Technology updates and revolutionizes the legal industry. It would be great skill for a legal person to be able to use technology in efficient way and be able to adapt to the new updates so that you can use these updates to improve your technological skills which shall consequently help you to find what you need. A clear example is websites that you can just enter the title you need to find cases about and cases will appear to you without doing the effort and consuming a myriad of time, so when client seek your legal opinion and find that you are up to date with technology, this will be appreciated, unlike when you lack technology, you will consume a lot of time, money and effort to reach what you aim to find.


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