FDI Interviews: Mostafa Reda Ebeid, Juniour Associate – Zedan & Hamza

Interview with Mostafa Reda Ebeid, Junior Associate of Zedan & Hamza. Talking to us on his first mooting experience on the sideline of the first national rounds of the FDI in Egypt.

Interview and Edit by Yasmine Soliman.


Q: Mostafa, thank you for being here today. Could you please introduce yourself?

A: I am Mostafa Ebeid, a junior associate at Zedan & Hamza Law Firm. I practice corporate and commercial transactions along with employment among other general services.

Q: Why did you volunteer to judge the FDI national rounds?

A: personally, I’ve wanted to explore moots and how the process of scaling down an actual dispute is in real life. On the other hand, I believe in the practical implementation of knowledge so it is utterly interesting to take part in such a task and hopefully help students get a bit of the big picture.

Q: Moots rise in popularity throughout the past few years in Egypt. Do you think it has become a cemented culture or is it simply a fashion that will fade away?

A: I would rather not to judge such manner but from the vibes, and the news all around the country, This is definitely a culture that will be a national standard within the upcoming years.

Q: From the perspective of a first-timer, what do you wish to tell students who are interested in moots?

A: Just do not be nervous. By far, moots are best, and relevantly the easiest, way to practice law. The skills and “lessons” that you harness and experience in a moot will definitely compensate for years of practical experience. In regards to the result, your duty is that of due diligence than that of achieving an end result so embrace this idea and it will allow for results to be found.

Q: Thank you so much Mostafa for these pleasant words.

A: Thank you so much. Best of luck for all.

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