FDI Interviews: Aya Omar, Juniour Legal Associate – Somabay Properties

Interview with Aya Omar, Junior Legal Associate at Somabay Properties. Talking to us on her mooting experience on the sideline of the first national rounds of the FDI in Egypt.

Interview and Edit by Yasmine Soliman.


Q: Aya, would you please introduce yourself to the community?

A: I am Aya Omar, a junior legal associate at soma bay properties. I am an ex moot participant and a 3-generation coach of the Jessup Moot Court. So, I am familiar with moots in general, though not very experienced with Foreign Direct Investments.

Q: Why did you volunteer today to Judge the FDI?

A: When you start doing moots in general, you become addicted to it and you become obliged to give back the knowledge and experience that you’ve harnessed to the community and to help students in their case-work development.

Q: Regarding moots in general, do you believe that they, in a way, substitute legal studies?

A: considering its benefit, I believe it adds up to the legal studies as the process of working on a case from all aspects and phases is not include in any legal studies course as it is purely theoretical. However, as a student, you lack the practical aspect and skills that are much needed. So, students will gain an experience of a lifetime which puts mooting in a high grade of the educational ladder.

Q: Speaking of skills, which skills are most valuable in mooting?

A: above anything else, legal research is the focal point of moots as students learn how to conduct research and specify applicable laws and authorities. “Legal reading” is also a very valuable skill that is taught through mooting but the most valuable skill will have to be oral advocacy alongside presentation skills in general. On another level, their communication skills and capability to work as a part of a team will be significantly enhanced by the mooting experience.

Q: Now, would you close on an encouraging statement for those who are interested in moots on various roles.

A: moots constitute the very fundamental pack of skills for a student who wishes to practice law, moots, in general, gives a level of practical and arguably theoretical knowledge that may not be present in academic courses. You can indeed differentiate between those who participate in moots and those who don’t in terms of skills and knowledge. So it is always a point of encouragement for me.


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