5 Tips to help law students in their career path

You chose your path in the legal field, then you definitely need to read these 5 tips.                                                                         Article By: Omar Naguib Understand the Changing Profession…and Adapt. This profession is not like what it used to be. And the legal field continues to evolve, which is unnerving today’s lawyers. Instead of sticking your head in the [...]


An Interview with senior associate at Shalakany Law office Mr. Muhammad Ussama on “SLM” Shalakany Litigation Moot

"SLM" Shalakany Litigation Moot is a moot court launched and hosted by Shalakany Law Office, Its is the first litigation moot conducted in Arabic in Egypt and it compromises a great number of judges, lawyers, professors and students. We had the chance to have a sit down with one of the senior associates at Shalakany [...]

Interview with the International Cooperation Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Nora Salem.  

interviewed by Salma Farouq There are always reasons behind our choices, what motivated you to choose law? Like probably half of all Law students, I wanted to “save the world”. Being half-German half-Egyptian exposed me early on to fundamental social differences, which I wanted to bridge from a legal angle. Since I was extremely interested [...]