Lawyer-ing: The Work of Angels or Demons?

  Before I attempt to answer this question, let me first remind you of some of the famous lawyers in history: Gaius Julius Caesar the famous Roman general and dictator started his career as a lawyer. Marcus Tullius Cicero the famous Roman orator and philosopher was a lawyer. Ibn Rushd known in the West as [...]


Lawyer of The Year 2017

Like the sea, his knowledge and experience never ends. His career is full of success and passion, that definitely need to be transferred to the young generations that see him their role model and one of the legal field shinning stars. Interviewed by Hoda Ahmed Nafee Prof.Dr. Mohamed Salah Abdel Wahab Lawyer of the year [...]


In a career spanning decades, Dr. Khaled ElShalakany remains on edge in keeping up the century-old firm on top of the country’s corridor of influence in Innovating for the Business and driving change. The Law Magazine had the utmost opportunity to speak with the top lawyer of our times, giving us a straight talk on [...]